Me being dark & ebil

me using my dark powuh

jenjanel is a squirrel (formaly human)

  • south park styledGo to made in sp studio
  • weresquirrel
  • chibi
  • kawaii
  • usual self
  • warriors version
  • catnipian
  • sonic style
  • regal profileGo to made in
  • alter egoGo to made in
  • LSD
  • me wit my fave digimon
  • ditto

appears inEdit

Chill's bad fur day (unseen)

chills tale of conquest (at times)

windy war 3 (NPC)



despite shes a ninja shes not oriented much less japanese

jenjanel is a nickname jenjanels real name is jennifer j laskowski & her tumblr name is pyromaniacsquirrel due 2 her being a conker fan & a red virus fan & her comicfury name is rodentlover239 due 2 a lover fer rodents & her metacafe name is neopetsl4dfangirl cos shes a neopets fangirl & 1 of hr fave games is l4d 1 & 2 & her fave special infected is roly polys she is known as jenjanel shes also a human in real life not a squirrel nor cat & her hair is 1/2 str8 1/2 wavy instead of all str8

shes a dark type & a dragon type due 2 a love fer dragons & being called dark alot

she can go rogue if shes not complied wit


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