Blue Virus Walking (Dr

Blue Virus Walking (Dr. Mario Fever - Music Versión by CSGuitar89)

chill walking

Cat mouth


a blue virus is originated frum dr mario

hes a rabbit/hare

& his real name is nick


when hes young his parents telling him if joo wanna git anywhere in life no touching drugs no being greedy no swearing & no peeing in public

in chill's pocket tales formula 1 racing & chill's 12 tales he followed a rules

& in chills bad fur day he broke a rules

he lives in osaka wit his mother father & his 3 bros & olive is his weakness

his attire is gloves sneakers green shorts green grundo hoodie spiked collar & a beret

appeared inEdit

chill's tale of conquest

windy war series

Chill's bad fur day

in gamesEdit

a main charrie

in animesEdit

a protagonist

in plush seriesEdit

is greedy murderous jealous & coldhearted

been called rodent by conker

a names dat hes been calledEdit

rodent conker in a plush series only

nick by evury1

fat cat cameron


olive: girlfriend

cameron: friends somtimes they dislike each other

leon sometimes good sometimes not

conker: buds somtimes rivalry

jenjanel owner avoids her whens shes spiralling

sabrina a demon cat master

red 1 of his friends

Aletania ditto


BASHITZU when using Thunder freeze

joo think yer hurting me WIT YER DUMB WEAPONRY 2 an enemies

EAT 2OO POUNDS OF INSTANT KARMA TEDIZ in windy war 3 when using Falling anvils

BLITZ when suprised &/or seen something

omg a humongus queefed up big dicked furnace dats all i need in chill's bad fur day & chill l&r

they are beautiful


hes originated frum dr mario
  • sonic version
  • in an anime version
  • running
  • slothful like conker
  • flap thing
  • turning in2 a wolf
  • ninja chill
  • sad & depressed
  • dont cross him
  • some fan art
  • ditto
  • dragon dance
  • omorashi moment
  • real life chill
  • kawaii
  • h8s green pigs
  • another omarashi moment
  • wit a diamond sword
  • ditto
  • seen in my immortal fool
  • in a leather vest
  • keep calm
  • hungry cat
  • minecraft skin
  • in maple story
  • i think i peed myself
  • dat ass
  • hes pretty desperate
  • i peed mah bed
  • fsjal

hes 20 in a past hes currently 26

he does a cat mouth it means hes also a cat

in certain games & episodes of animes & plush series when he dies his yellow shoyru plushie sticks out of him containing his spirit

hes a tediz due 2 being a cybernetic teddy bear hamster

hes soft pretty & caring in an anime version & a manga version & he behaves like conker in a plush series version

him turning in2 a wolf inspires a werelupe & him turning in2 a robot inspires sally acorn

in a windy war game series hes called barbaric hamslice due 2 being a hamster & sometimes eating neopets



his plz account

his twitter

his info in french

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